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Gelato is not the same as ice cream, it's better !

Gelato typically has 50% less fat than traditional ice cream, but it tastes much creamier.

The creamy texture comes from the way it’s made. Produced in small batches and slowly churned so there is less air introduced into the mix. Typically gelato has 40% air which is slowly beaten into the mix. Ice cream can have as much as 80% air. As result gelato has a silky smooth and denser texture. Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature of -15C instead of -18C; so it doesn't come with the very cold mouth feel and ice crystals that you often get with ice cream. The result is a fresh, rich, creamier and softer product where the natural ingredients and flavours shine through without being masked by the fat; allowing you to have a wonderfully indulgent experience without feeling guilty.

Every individual unique flavour is carefully balanced using the best ingredients we can find. We never compromise on taste. Both classic and contemporary flavours are included in our seasonal menus, as well as the quirky bespoke experimental gourmet flavours which we have gained a reputation for creating. Our menu is constantly evolving and growing.

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